The only way out is by falling in…


You can work a program.

Or spend hours in a counselor’s office.

And you can journal your tormenting thoughts and feelings till your fingers fall off.

You can attend church six days a week.

Or serve in all sorts of ministry capacities.

And you can even recite all 66 books of the bible verbatim in your sleep.

And there is healing and help to be found in the above, and other things as well.

But nothing will truly, really change and you will not feel better about things, and your life will continue out of control until you understand and accept in your hurting heart of hearts that…


Not because you’re beautiful, or thin, or smart or perfect.

Not because your checking account balance reads six figures and you have a gorgeous, magazine layout home.

Not because you run an influential and profitable business.

No, none of those things matter.

What matters is that the God who created the vast universe out of nothing but His spoken word, loves you like crazy.

No matter what you’ve done or are currently doing.

No matter how many times you have gone down the same, sinful path over and over.

No matter even if you don’t believe He’s real or you think He came to Earth as an alien.


Rock. Solid. Truth.

And when you can hold onto that truth as if your life depends on it.

When you no longer doubt that you are loved.

When you stop negating that you have worth simply because He made and loves you.



Now, your spouse may still walk out replacing you with someone else.

Your son or daughter may continue using drugs and get arrested.

Your home may wind up being lost in foreclosure.

Because bad things happen in this fallen world of ours with people free to choose. And you may feel He didn’t hear your prayers or answer them the way you wanted.

God uses hard things in our lives to soften and open us to love.

As paradoxical as it seems, it is through the thorns and thistles and the losses in life that we learn to love Him and others better with a love that will not change like shifting shadows dancing in a never ending circle of circumstances.

His love will never stop, will never fail, will never forget you.

And one day, after you place your heart in the care of The One who loves you truly, madly, deeply forever, you will know that you are loved and that God…

— who died on that rugged cross

— who asked the Father to forgive you and me and all of us

— who hung there whipped to a shred and bleeding out

Would do it all over again in a heart beat just because He loves you.

He is concerned with every little thing that gives your heart pause or makes you applause, clapping hands in wild abandon for the pure joy of simply being alive and loved.

It took me a long time to understand.

To really get it inside my heart in a way that is forever life altering. And my relationship with God keeps growing deeper, wider, stronger.

Even though I made a million mistakes along the way.

Looking for love in darkened corners.

Seeking fulfillment in sinful choices.

All in a vain attempt for self to reign on high, making the anguish and pain go poof.

And my doubtful heart rendered me double minded. One day in Jesus, the next day acting out.

A double minded person is unstable in all her ways, losing much to pride, fear, or anger.

Yet so much more was gained because He is that good, and in Him is no darkness at all.

Immeasurably and irrevocably, more was gained, accruing eternal interest beyond measure and more precious than gold.

So if you are like I once was, please, I beg you, take heed.

Humble your heart.

Turn to the God who waits patiently for you.

Ask His forgiveness and help with your messed up life, broken relationships, and nightmarish existence.


In Him.

Jesus Christ.

Sent by the Father to show us His heart and to teach us the Way and to give us strength through His Grace and encouragement for daily living through His Word more powerful than any two-edged sword.

And there will be no regrets falling head over heels in love with Christ.

So why lose another precious moment?

Believe that He came for you. To forgive, save and love on you.

Hand over control and ask Him into your heart and life to be your Lord and Savior…


And may blessings of light and love and peace and joy surround your heart to overflowing…


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10 thoughts on “The only way out is by falling in…

  1. Dear sweet Sheila
    I never tire of seeing in my minds eye the prostitute lying in the dust in front of our Lord Jesus, most probably naked as well because she was caught in the act of adultery, and when she looked up, she didn’t see condemnation or a stone in His hands. She only saw love! Once we have experienced this love, we find it absolutely impossible not to love Him with all we have! Thanks for this great post. I want to send it to a friend who really needs to read this. Sheila, in this little time that we have come to know one another, I have come to love you very much. That is what Pappa’s love does to His children and I want to thank you for your and Michael’s prayers when I was so ill. I am recovering slowly, but surely.
    Much love and blessings to you and Michael XX

    • Oh dear Mia, I love you too. And am so grateful and relieved to learn that you are feeling better. And I am so grateful to this blogging world we share that has brought two sister-hearts together… And I praise God with you for His ONLY LOVE approach to all of us. Everything, always, He does in love with the redemptive purpose of helping us learn to love better…Thanks for stopping by. So glad to see you back.

  2. Thank you for a beautiful reminder. It is such a blessing we have His love and forgiveness. I have made many mistakes over the years and am so thankful to be where I am today. I know I am only here because of His grace. So glad I found you on living proverbs 31 link-up!

  3. There is so much truth in your words. I have written similar posts urging people to believe in this great love that Jesus has for us. It took me 30 years and horrible mistakes to finally understand that Jesus loved even me. What a difference it has made in my life!

    • Horrible mistakes…I could be the president of that club right alongside our dear brother Paul!! And horrible mistakes become life lessons that ultimately teach us to love better. And no matter how long it takes us to “get it” His great love will never give up. Nor should ours. And we who cling to the Light will continue to be torch bearers for those in the dark. Keep on sharing words of truth, Jamie, and so will I. Thanks so much for stopping by…