Open your heart and let the healing in…


Even He who comes after me, the strap of whose sandal I am not worthy to untie…
John 1:27

And Jesus, He comes after me. And you, too.

Again and again, even in my dirtiness when I found it hard to lift my face to Him and look into His eyes because I was ashamed of what I have done. So I kept it as a secret, locked away inside a protective chamber of my heart where I thought it would never hurt me or others so long as I kept it hidden.

Until He came.

So that I might come undone.

So that He could untie the knots of tension, bitterness, unforgiveness, shame, and self-protection worn as one or another masks that marred the truth.

And He lets my life, my heart, crack open wide.

Everything spills out, all the carefully kept darks and dirties.

He washes me clean. Giving me a blood bath and rinsing me under His fountain of grace.

Then He tells me I am worth it. He tells me I have worth. He tells me my worth is not wrapped up in my works, whether good or bad.

He tells me this — in whispered words that slide inside my wounded heart. The precious man God, Jesus, He tells me I am worth it because He made me for a purpose and He loves me no matter what.

I am tucked inside His heart as He lives in mine.

I am covered by His love and gracefilled forgiveness because the Great I Am has written me on the palm of His hand.

And He loves you like this, too, so forget your fears.

Punish yourself no more because of your tainted past, either from 25 years ago or 5 minutes.

Let go and let God be God in your life. Give Him all of you, no more holding back, no more waiting to get better first. We cannot get better without Him.

Relax fully into His arms, the arms that have carried you all the days of your life.

Open your heart and let His love in.

And your life will change for the better, one day at a time, moving you forward into a dizzying array of days filled with delight as well as daily drudgery. But it will be all new and you will blink to make sure you are not dreaming because you can’t remember ever seeing so much Light, warm and pure, bathing you in healing.

Don’t keep looking bad. What has been done is over. You are delivered from the weight of the burdens of a lifetime, all the hurt, fear, pain and loss.

He will restore your life to something that it has never yet been, something better, something grander, with hope and a good future.

And at last, you will find peace that surpasses all understanding.

In Christ alone…


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2 thoughts on “Open your heart and let the healing in…

  1. Dear Sheila
    Thanks, dear friend, for that past of the last 5 minutes that we can let go! He does, but we l
    Just love to cherish our mistakes.
    Blessings XX

    • Cherish our mistakes…I like how you worded this, Mia. And I do that sometimes, too, instead of accepting His forgiveness and choosing to FORGET our sinfulness. Why do you think? Pride? That’s my guess. Pride is such a foundational sin. Thanks for sharing, friend…