He is my husband, he is my hero…with God as witness to the vow between us made

Michael & the "husband chair" in Rockport, MA

He has seen parts of me that are not pretty.

And yet he tells me I’m beautiful, inside and out…

He has heard words that have hurt.

But his heart keeps listening to my concerns and desires…

He has felt tears of fear and frustration hot on my face.

So he reaches for me and wipes them away.

And he makes me hope when discouragement says don’t.

He is my husband.

He rescued me from a lonely half-life filled with longing for a special someone.

He has taken me as his bride, for better, for worse, for everything in between.

He has given me his name.

He tells me I’m his missing rib.

And he makes me smile when he says I’m his once in a lifetime love.


His heart beats with mine, and we share a marriage bed.

He brings missing colors long absent to the canvas of my life.

He whispers sweet somethings meant only for me, quickening my pulse, making my heart skip a beat.

And he keeps me close by his side till the dark surrenders to the sun.


Is it all a dream?

Yet, we are finally fully awake.

Sunlight streams into the hidden corners of once shadowed lives.

Moments of mystery entwine with the thrill of romance.

And they take my breath away, filling me with life made new.

HANDS - Copy

He is my husband.

He takes my hand and leads me into the wonder of this life together, so gloriously messy.

Ever my protector and provider.

And his husband heart, tender strong, fills daily with the love of God.

Laying it all down, he teaches me what it means to be like Jesus.

With sacrifices of kindness and loving deferment to the other, covering me with prayer.

Following hard after God, from here to eternity.

And he utters words my heart once wished upon a star to hear.

You are wanted, you are valued, you are mine.

With his every word, every prayer, every touch, I am healing.

He is my husband. He is my hero.

Rockport MA

And the sun keeps rising and the sun keeps setting, and we keep creating the story of us.

Written by God, it’s a love story where best friends share all sorts of special benefits.

It’s a tale of two partners who work shoulder to shoulder to accomplish the will of God.

It’s a fairy tale come true just when we thought the clock had struck midnight and the glass slipper had shattered.


It is marriage.

Created in the garden and sanctified by God.

One man. One woman. For life.

A holy union, giving us glimpses of God’s covenant love for us.

Unfathomable and patient, it’s love that never stops forgiving.

Until death do us part and all the way to forever, it’s love that will stay the course.

Till the end of time which has no end.

Halibut Point Park in Rockport MA

So our eyes open wide to take in all the beauty of all the moments that make up our wedded life.

And a pair of hearts humbled by God’s mercy nearly burst because it’s so unbelievable, defying comprehension.

Reaping the grace of what is precious and priceless.

Bryce Canyon, Utah

And if our gratitude could fill the great canyons on earth, there would never be enough words to tell God how thankful we are.

He picked us up no matter how broken we were or how deep the hole into which we had stumbled.

He swallowed up our sins in the flow of His blood, bearing our sorrows.

By faith we receive each other as Mr. and Mrs.

Rare and precious, a gift unlike anything we have ever known…


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16 thoughts on “He is my husband, he is my hero…with God as witness to the vow between us made

  1. What a beautiful love story and marriage you have, Sheila. My prayer is that others would read this and see the hope they can have for a relationship like yours when Christ is at the center of their lives. And I’m so glad your husband’s love for you is a clear reflection of Christ’s love for the church. It’s a high bar for any man, but Jesus makes it possible. Thanks for this inspiring and awesome post, my friend!

    • Dearest Beth…thank you so much. Our marriage is a gift neither of us ever thought we would ever have. And each day it gets more precious as God continues to heal and grow our wounded hearts. He is good and I can’t thank Him enough for all I share with Michael. And I can’t thank Him enough for new friends through the blogosphere like you May God shower your Monday with sweet, sweet blessings…

  2. What a lovely surprise, Sheil, to find myself the subject of today’s post! Our marriage is a delight to me and Father has poured out his mercy upon me through the richness of your love.

  3. Dear Sheila
    You and your husband is such an inspiration of how our Pappa takes broken lives and heals it with His love! Oh, I am so happy for you! Thanks for being such a great example of a happily married woman.
    Blessings XX

  4. What a beautiful tribute to your husband. It’s how I feel about mine as well. I certainly don’t deserve the rich love he gives me, but I’m grateful for it!

    Love this:
    “Is it all a dream?
    Yet, we are finally fully awake.”

    • Thank you, Lisa, and I am so happy that you too have a good husband and marriage. I know what it is like on the other side when a relationship is dysfunctional, and I think that experience is one of the ways God used to help my heart grow grateful. Lovely to make your acquaintance. Blessings…

  5. You brought tears to my eyes as I read this…I feel the same about my dear husband. He’s such a wonderful gift from God. Each day I fall more in love with him.

  6. Sheila, this is the sweetest tribute. I love how you describe your life before and after–the “half-life” becomes one full of color and rich moments. So lovely. The two of you make a handsome couple and sounds like a good partnership 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Laura. You are very kind. And our God is kinder still…He lifted both me and my Michael from darkness and helped us find each other in the Light. We never dreamed this would happen and each day are so very thankful for the love and marriage we share. At long last…