Every good story is a love story…

Michael & Sheila KimballTo my beloved Sheila,

Over the past week I’ve watched both Act of Valor and, together with you, The Blindside. The two movies are as different as night and day.

Act of Valor is action-packed, relating in vivid, heart-stopping detail, a series of deadly missions assigned to a tight-knit group of Navy Seals. In The Blindside a wealthy southern white family becomes the unlikely home of a black youth from the projects, Michael Oher, eventually leading to his becoming the number one draft choice of the Baltimore Ravens, a premier team in the National Football League.

So what do these two films have in common?

At their core, they are both love stories.

In the former, a Navy Seal gives his life to save fellow members of his team. In the latter, both Michael and his adopted family are enriched through mutual understanding and shared sacrifice. In both movies love makes all the difference.

Which leads me to our own love story…

Exactly two years ago you and I married, eloping to Cape Ann, Massachusetts after a whirlwind (yet God honoring) forty-seven day courtship. And as we find ourselves once again in Gloucester to celebrate, I want to share my joy in Father’s merciful love towards me through the remarkable woman that you are in this public post.

I love you, Sheila. My heart, over the past 730 days, has known no small measure of healing and growth through your encouragement, determination and steadfast love. I join with many others in celebrating your gift of sharing from the depths of your being words—both written and spokenof faith, hope and healing love. Flawed like me, you remain steadfastly focused, regardless of obstacles, on our mutual goal of worshiping God through loving obedience to his Son, Jesus, and are becoming ever more like Him as we travel together through time.

Ours is a good and true love story. You are my best friend, passionate lover, constant helper and fellow writer. My beloved, you are my earthly Longings End…

Your adoring husband,


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5 thoughts on “Every good story is a love story…

  1. My precious husband, thank you for being you and for being such a loving man who each day leads me to be a more godly woman. How I thank God for bringing us together during that brief ten day window of opportunity! And I love how we are healing and growing each day together. I love you so much, my Michael. Happy Anniversary, my darling!