Bits and pieces of her broken childhood heart…

Big girl with red wagon

Her hand grasped the rusty red wagon and she wouldn’t let go.

Containing an assortment of pieces, it dragged behind her on wobbly wheels. She struggled. It seemed so big and she felt so small. Still, she kept on going.

She stumbled many times and scraped her knees and her heart along the way. She traveled through bad weather and many a long, lonely night. Sometimes it was so dark she didn’t even know in which direction she was headed and she got so lost that she walked in circles.

Slowly now she ascended a steep hill. On her way she saw a whole bunch of boys and girls in a school yard, each clutching a rusty red wagon similar to hers.

Some of the little boys were angry, their faces smeared with dirt. They jockeyed for position, pushing each other out of the way. Most of the little girls were crying and they stood huddled together trying to comfort and help each other bring their wagons closer to something they yet could see.

Whether they looked angry or sad from their travels, one thing united this group of rag tag little ones.  They were all broken. They were all lost. They were yearning for the pain to go away.

Pushing through the throng, this one determined little girl kept moving  forward. With damp lashes and a tear stained face, she was tired and scared, but she wouldn’t give up. You see, her rusty red wagon – just like all the others — contained something very precious.

It contained the bits and pieces of her broken childhood heart.

A tender heart wounded long ago by those whose hearts had been wounded by others who had broken hearts, too.

Even though only fragments remained, the broken heart was hers and she knew in some secret place deep within that the only way she could get where she needed to go on her journey was by getting her heart put back together. Yet she had been here before. Many times over. And she was tired of attending summer school. She wanted to graduate.

And this is when she saw the Cross in the distance at the very top of the hill.

Cross of Christ

And she knew, without words, that the One who died on that Cross for her was the Only One who could make her whole.

She held her breath. She had traveled long and far and had tried in vain many times before to make her heart all better. Then a stillness like that on a windless summer day filled her and she heard His voice softly whisper:

Leave your red wagon at the foot of the Cross.  I will mend the pieces of your broken heart and put them back together stronger than ever before. Don’t be afraid to let go.  Once you turn your heart over to me, with all its pain, loss, fears, shame and turmoil, I will make it whole. I can give you the joy, peace and love you are looking for. Little girl, it’s time for you to let me help you grow up into the woman I have planned for you to be. Now put your hand in mine, and don’t let go, for the best is yet to be…


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