Love in this one golden moment…

HEARTLIGHT Copyright 2013 Sheila Kimball

Heart in Son Copyright 2013 Sheila Kimball

Dust dances in a shaft of sunlight that has slid into the room all late and low.

And the quiet is audible and I can’t even begin to imagine that there are any ripples in the waters of my life.

My soul’s vulnerability, momentarily unguarded, persuades walls to crumble and I still my heart and be still.

And it’s in the lying there in his arms, him stroking my hair, in this one golden moment as he holds me so close I feel his heart beating…

That I feel Him hold me even closer. Pulling me in with a Love irresistible and I lay my head on His shoulder.

At a time when no earthly words are needed, a few unspoken ones fly from my heart into the throne room of heaven.

I ask Him the question I have asked Him before.

The one I already know the answer to for the Bible tells me so throughout its 66 books. But I need to hear it. Again.

How can I know You love me?

Especially during moments dark when a sullen mood steals my smile?

When I choose sin over obedience?

When resentment rumbles?

When I doubt or when I fear?

How can I still know down deep in my heart that you love me even when I act ugly?

And in words as clear to my heart as my husband’s whispered I love you’s are to my ears, my Lord says —

I love you like this. This moment where you rest unguarded surrounded and held by Michael’s love for you. His love that loves you all the time, even in moments when you are not your best. I love you like this, my darling  daughter, only better, only more. I love you perfectly…

Limitless specks swirl in Sunday’s late afternoon sunlight like snowflakes falling soft and steady in headlights, holding me mesmerized.

I love you like this, Beloved, with no end in sight. My love for you keeps on coming, keeps on flowing. Never ceasing. An endless supply for all eternity…

Peace in this one perfect moment feels as smooth as silk and wraps itself all around me and I exhale. Defenses put in place so long ago drop silent to the ground. Defenses against the awful things with heart hurts that hurt hard.

This peace your undivided heart feels in this moment is my peace that transports you. Peace that surpasses your ability to fully grasp how much I hold you moment by moment, day after day, never letting you go. I love you like that, sure and certain and steady…

I’ll never stop loving you. I’ll never leave you. My love for you will always burn bright for I never change, no matter if you do. I’ll be with you unto the end of the age and always…

He kisses my heart with kisses that are at once ancient and brand new.

And I savor this honey of a moment as He calls me forward still…


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