When God says “Write!” {Returning to Longings End with a free e-Book for you…}

Quill and cross

When God tells a writer to write, he or she would do well to listen.

For our listening and obeying from hearts that love Him always pleases Him as it brings Him glory by reflecting His own. And our contribution of the art He placed into our hearts at the beginning is for the good and benefit of others.

For you and all of us.

But sometimes there are Negatives Nellies along the way offering pesky, defeating comments sent to plague us in a desperate attempt to prevent the fulfillment of the call He has placed on our lives. Sometimes those messages come from well-meaning friends or worrying family who say the dream is too big and our radical approach to following His call is too risky.

Most times though, they come from right inside our own heads where old tapes play over and over telling us we are no good, that we cannot do this or that, or asking us the question, “Who do you think you are to write or do thus and such after all the sinful choices you have made?”

LIES! From the pit of hell.

And until we summon the strength through His grace to shut down those voices and BREAKOUT of whatever holds us back, we will exist instead of really living as He would have us live.

Last July after much time in prayer, I walked away from the security of a full time job. In January, God impressed that our one word for 2013 was BREAKOUT. That led to a series of blog posts on the subject and finally, from that small one-word seed, God has birthed my very first e-Book!

BREAKOUT Manifesto…When you’re ready to break free of your brokenness

And during my sabbatical from blogging God has helped me to BREAKOUT a little more, speaking to the depths of my heart which has so often been broken in times past. His healing words of love and grace bringing me, one day at a time, to a new level of spiritual maturity and emotional freedom which I have no doubt will become the subject of future blog posts.

But for now I come back to Longings End bearing a gift! Freely given for you!

The book reflects lessons learned, both glorious and messy. Lessons gained as I picked up the pieces of my life, sifting through the sinfulness and pushing past the pain. Lessons in the moments when I learn to love. First God. Then others.

A reader who previewed the manuscript noted that BREAKOUT Manifesto is written “from a place of understanding pain and walking it out with the Lord, which is of value to folks who either haven’t gotten that far or are in the midst” of pain themselves. It offers hope through words and photos that reveal the Father’s healing love. I hope you will find it worthy of the time spent reading its 13,099 words.

Today, every subscriber will receive via email a link to a free download of BREAKOUT Manifesto. And if you are visiting Longings End for the first time, the book is our free gift to you when you subscribe.

P.S. I would LOVE to hear how God guides you through your struggles or triumphs, and whether or not you find BREAKOUT Manifesto helpful. Please feel free to contact me at Sheila@LongingsEnd.com




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2 thoughts on “When God says “Write!” {Returning to Longings End with a free e-Book for you…}

  1. How wonderful you were able to complete your book and have it to share. I am so glad for you and I look forward to reading it. — Susan