An inconvenient love…

SHOVELING NEMO Copyright 2013 Sheila Kimball

SHOVELING Copyright 2013 SHeila Kimball

Nemo dumped more than a foot of snow in our neck of the woods last weekend.

And we don’t own a snow blower!

So every hour Dearest Husband rose and went outside in the biting cold and shoveled our driveway.

Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.
1 John 3:18

Bless his heart.

I got up with him, his partner in life and all things, and stood by the window, praying for his safety and strength, and signaling him with a flashlight to let him know I was there with him in the dark.

Together with him through the storm.

And cutting up oranges for him in between shoveling shifts.


In the inconvenient hours all through the night Nemo pounded the East Coast, laying down a dangerously slick coating on driveways and roadways.

And we lay down the cloak of self, choosing to serve no matter the inconvenience or the hour.

Protecting the other with love that is willing to go lower.

Please don’t confuse my words with bragging about how well Dearest Husband and I love for we are ever learning to love better. It has taken us five decades to get to the place of understanding what God means when He says to love your neighbor as yourself.

And sometimes we still forget, letting self take the driver’s seat and veer off course onto satan’s slippery slope.

At those times, we’re traveling in the dark forgetting the other, hearts frozen with anger, jealousy or unforgiveness.

Hearts sliding off the high road and into a ditch, a pit of sin all because we choose to love self first.

Self above God.

But when we find ourselves on this dangerous road, one simple call will bring us rescue.

Father, help me turn around and find my way back to safety. Back to the arms of Love that have never stopped holding me. Back to a love that will never quit, never fail, no matter the storms or detours.

For His love can save the coldest heart on the darkest night no matter how fierce the blizzard blows, so long as it’s ready to make that emergency call for assistance. So long as it’s willing to yield to the right of The Way, the way of love.

Because love comes from the Father’s heart every day, not just once a year on Valentine’s Day.

VALENTINES Copyright 2013 Sheila Kimball

HUGS Copyright 2013 Sheila Kimball

And He hugs us to His heart, love rescuing us time and time again.

Love that goes the distance.

Love bursting all the chains that bind us as it lay bound by nails to the cross.


And we need to commit to love each other like that.

Every day with faithful hearts that love tirelessly, completely and then rest secure as the beloved grows into the person God created them to be, encouraging and praying for their best every step of the journey.

This is the love that keeps driving forward, no matter the hills and valleys traveled through the years. A choice of the will to put the beloved above self and God above all.

“When practiced to the best of your ability on a daily basis, it makes for the strongest foundation in a marriage or relationship,” said a lovely woman I know who has been married for more than 43 years!

Agape love.

The ideal form of love that emulates the love of Christ for all humanity.

The love the loves the seemingly loveless.

The love that lasts.

So let’s focus on loving really well every day, not just February 14th. How different our lives and the world would be!

As we give our all and give our best to the One who gave His all with the best love we will ever know…


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3 thoughts on “An inconvenient love…

  1. Sorry you were hit by Nemo! Let me know if there are any prayers I can lift up for you.

    yes, love is inconvenient. I was just reminded of this, this past weekend with my kiddo sick and me fighting off a cold. His needs came first when all I wanted was to soak in a hot tube or lay in bed.

    nothing was as inconvenient as the cross and yet He willingly died so that we might know love.