Falling in love is easy…

LACY LOVE Copyright 2013 Sheila Kimball

We’ve heard it so often before.

Probably said it a time or two ourselves, and sometimes I wonder do we ever stop to think about what it all means?

Falling in love.

Or are we too focused on the fireworks.

And all the stars, shooting and falling in a summer sky.

Falling in love.

And we feel like we are falling off the edge of the world with the thrill of it all.

Words falling from our lips with ease. But do those words fall on deaf ears, hearts stumbling in a fallen world, not really understanding what love is?

The falling is easy.

The staying in love proving more difficult when the scales of romance have fallen from our eyes.

Staying in love means falling away from one’s self and a falling into the other.

And in a gradual, day by day process stretching out over a lifetime, two become one.

So when one falls, the other will be there to lift him up.

When one fails, the other will cheer her on to winning the next time.

Staying in love means choosing to fall in love a million times.

And falling apart from any insignificant others, and pressing tenderly into each other.

For all the days with all the good, bad, easy, hard and everything in between.


Copyright 2011 Longings End

And the bond growing best when the cord is three strands strong.

Falling in love with the Lord.

No matter that the rain will fall and the wind blow, our house, our love, built on the Rock shall not wash away.

And there may even be moments when we take the fall for the other, knowing that he or she will have our back when circumstances back us into a corner and everyone else has fallen away.

When moments rage in darkness all around us, and we feel like it’s falling apart, slipping away.

And in those moments we will fall back on our commitment.

Fall back on our choice.

Our choice to love Him. And to love others through Him, and with Him and for Him.

Him who is love.

Him the author that pens our love stories.

Him the passionate artist who paints murals of the moments of our lives reaching across years.

Him who holds our hearts and give us the staying power.

And when in our dustiness we fall, He will catch us.

He’ll carry us on the wings of the wind until we soar.

And love is renewed.

All over again for the one we’ve pledged our hearts to.

For as long as we both shall live…


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