Resolve to live life timely…{New Year’s BREAKOUT Series, Part 4}


Last week we launched a New Year’s series at Longings End: BREAKOUT 2013.

We’ve talked about resolving to live in love, the most important commandment; resolving to live and walk in the light, and resolving to live life responsibly.

TIME Copyright 2013 Sheila KimballAnd today, it’s all about time. And resolving to live in such a way that we use our time wisely.

Make the best use of your time, despite all the difficulties of these days.
Ephesians 5:16

There are certainly lots of difficulties in our days these days. It makes my head spin sometimes when I focus on all the negative. But when I look up, I see life in a completely new way.

But no matter what time it is, or how crazy the world swirls, or where you are in life, or what you have done, it’s never too late to make a choice to follow Jesus.

It’s so simple too, to get rightly related to Him.

Just tell Him from your heart how truly sorry you are for all your bad stuff {and if you are like me, the list may be a mile long!}. Receive His forgiveness!

Acknowledge that Jesus is God the Son who died on the cross to take away your sins.

Finally, ask Him to live in your heart and direct your life from this point forward.

Some people experience an instant transformation, and immediately forsake their wonton ways or heal from past hurts. But for many of us, myself included, it is a process over time of becoming more and more like Christ. A lifetime journey of falling down and then getting back up again by the power of His grace.

And with the passing of time, we look and act and sound much more like the Holy One than we ever did in the past.

Grace, though, is not a license to purposely continue to sin, but when we do, He remembers that we are just dust.

We should be quick to remember, though, that our days on earth are but a few in light of eternity. We are here for a while to use our time wisely and to learn to love well, to walk in light as He is in the light, and to be responsible for our choices.

So let us cry out with Moses and David…

Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
Psalm 90:12

LORD, remind me how brief my time on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered–how fleeting my life is.
Psalm 39:4

Our life here on earth is fleeting. So how do we make the most of it?

For me, making the most of it begins with the One who is outside of time, the One who was and is and is to come.

At the beginning of a brand spanking New Year what a perfect time for a fresh start with God. Begin with a relationship with God, or renew the one that you have allowed to go dry, and continue to grow that relationship each and every day — evidence seen in our freedom from old sin habits and patterns, and a growing likeness to the One who is Love.

CALENDAR Copyright 2012 Sheila KimballTWO PINES Copyright 2012 Sheila KimballOnce we’ve taken the time to ask God to forgive us, making our scarlet sins as white as snow, and to reign in our lives, we can seek Him to attain a godly balance in our days where we are not merely slaves to a never ending to-do list. Instead, let’s spend our limited time on what really matters.

So how do we use the time given each day wisely, to make a mark in this world, to fulfill the calling on our lives – the desires of our heart?

Often, I have rushed at dawn without bothering to pray first and sit a spell quietly with the Lord, giving Him the first moments of my time that day. Through a series of unfortunate situations in my life, I have learned that NOT praying first thing is a HUGE waste of time.

For somewhere later in my day something will go wrong, or I will get hurt, or I will be afraid. And my reactions will be knee-jerk, instead of thoughtful, careful responses from a heart that has taken the time to sit first with God that day.

And then I waste a lot of time going back over my muddied tracks, cleaning things up.

But when I greet the day by stilling my heart and talking to my heavenly Father and reading some of His Word, I usually receive a supernatural ability to deal with things in a God honoring way.

{Though sometimes, sadly, there are still moments when I choose to sin anyway because of the evil that fights for first place in my heart — a story for another day!}

Give me {and you too?} wisdom, my Father, to remember with David, that my life is like a breath with days passing like a shadow. 

May I connect first thing each day with Him, and then resolve to remain committed to Him all day long, resolving to use my time in a way that honors Him.

And some may think there’s just no time to pray.

But I contend that prayer saves us time.

Prayer points us in the way to go each day. Serious prayer can help us make good choices {and we all know that bad choices result in wasted days and wasted nights, even years being lost to sin and stupidity.}

Prayer can help us overcome fear and anxiety. Have you ever wrung your hands in worry? Fretting for hours?

I have. And in the end, that which I worried about never came to pass. But my time was lost when it could have been used more productively.

Prayer can also help us figure out what is fruitful to accomplish that day, and what is just busyness or sheer distraction.

When we put God first, we will gain a heart of wisdom.

And that will help us to BREAKOUT into using our 1,440 minutes each day in the very best way.


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4 thoughts on “Resolve to live life timely…{New Year’s BREAKOUT Series, Part 4}

  1. So awesome, just yesterday my pastor preached on this topic and used most of the verses you did!

    We can’t live in the past or change it and tomorrow isn’t promised. So what are you doing with today?

    I agree with you, prayer is vital!

    • Prayer is vital. So pray, pray, pray…and I have to always remind myself to LISTEN more than speak during prayer. Because when we HEAR Him, we can BREAKOUT of the past or any painful patterns that have a hook in us, and break into ALL that He has for us!