A thousand broken pieces…

PIECES Copyright 2012 Sheila KimballLife is like a mosaic.

It’s a beautiful work of art created by a thousand broken pieces.

And when we’re walking through it, all the brokenness, we may only see a heap of sharp edged shapes without meaning or form, lacking cohesiveness or structure.


We are blind to the beauty forming when what we observe is rubble and ruin. And the tears run down our face and mingle with the sweat and grime of life’s daunting challenges.

And we cannot perceive the purpose of the pain.

Desperation makes us cry out, “Are we a worthless pile of junk?” And we’ll throw up our hands, or maybe wring them raw, and we’ll run circles around ourselves trying to fix everything perfect and pretty in the hope of feeling better.

But perfect and pretty exist only in a plastic pretend world. Real world is full of cuts and bruises, fractured families and splintered sanity. Life seems anything but pretty sometimes, and certainly never perfect because life here on earth is grossly imperfect and very messy. So are we.

Only He is perfect.

That one solitary life born in a manger.

That life that came down from Heaven as a gift at Christmas for all of us.

That life that gives us real life composed of ashes before beauty, but always beautiful. Always a precious gift.

And in our imperfection and sin He loves us still. And He loves us perfectly, everlastingly. For all eternity, no matter what.

His love saves us and heals us and grows us up better than before.

Mosaic 3

Mosaic 2MosaicHe takes our broken pieces and patiently fits each piece together lovely, sealing them strong with His blood.

And our lives transform.

Pain and pressure having pummeled our hearts soft, yield exquisite beauty from brokenness borne of sorrow, rendered a masterpiece by the Man of Sorrows.

Artisan Creator fixes our hearts to fear His name, reflecting His glory.

Until the eyes of the beholder can behold the glory of the Lord in us…


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  1. Sheila – I wasn’t sure how to contact you. I picked two names at random (out of a hat) (literally) from the comments on the giveaway at Emily Wierenga’s blog, and yours was one of the two. You can choose Dancing Priest (the first novel) or A Light Shining (the sequel). All I need is your choice and a mailing address — you can send to my email: gyoung9751@aol.com. Thanks for participating!