Holding on to trust…

It’s the in-between.

When I am neither here nor there.

When I am caught in the gap, with one foot out the door and the other lingering in what was. Or what I wanted it to be.

Times of transition give me trouble.

Well, maybe not trouble, but it’s like I hit the pause button for a moment or two.

And I experience the unsettledness of change.

And change, good or bad, can be hard.

For we are creatures who crave comfort and don’t often want to break the bounds of our comfort zones.

Clinging to habits, feeling safe in the routine of the ordinary.

Things the way they are, or were, and sometimes we find ourselves wishing they could always stay the same.

But they don’t.

Not often. Now more than ever it seems everything keeps changing.

And I have to watch my step lest I get caught in the whirlwind.

Dizzying speed-of-light changes taking my breath away, and momentarily casting a dark shadow.Making me feel small, like I did standing on the brink of Bryce Canyon.

And scared.

And then silly for feeling that way when I know Who He is.

So I bury my head in His shoulder, holding tight, wanting Daddy to make it all better. Picture perfect life I always dreamed of coming into focus.

Where the world spins sweetly, reigning peace.

Where we all get along, in grateful, humble love.

Where we all look up, when everything is falling down.

And there finding the Everlasting.



Peace surpassing understanding.

And the more out of control the world gets, whether inside me or out, well that’s when I need to hold on tighter.

And let Him hold me tight.

He’ll hold you, too.

Never letting us go.

And we’ll hold onto trust.

Holding on to trust…

For better or worse.

No matter what.

And the world will spin, but He’ll spin us around the ballroom, happily ever after when we dance cheek to cheek in faith.

And regardless of how much it all changes, one day after the next after the next…

Bringing home a baby. Children growing up and leaving.

Jobs ending. Or following a dream.

Rejoicing at a wedding.  And marriages failing.

Selling your home.

Politicians ousted. Countries battling.

Surprise guests on your doorstep.

Adopting a puppy.

No matter the changes that swirl all around me, and you,

Thy Kingdom comes.

And that will never change.

He will never change.

And that gives me great hope for the future.

As Christ is one of the persons of the Trinity, he is God, and so has the divine nature, or the Godhead dwelling in him, and all the divine attributes belong to him, of which immutability or unchangeableness is one.

He is unchangeable as the Mediator and Savior of his church and people. Christ is the only Mediator between God and man, that ever has been or ever shall be. He is an everlasting Savior.
Jonathan Edwards
April, 1738

The Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.
James 1:17

Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever.
Hebrews 13:8


And as the girl whose name is Grace sings: Lord, I love the way You hold me



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2 thoughts on “Holding on to trust…

    • My pleasure, Jay. Thanks. And those photos…well, they don’t compare to being there {which I wish I was!!} Just standing at the edge of the canyon looking as far as the eye can see — amazing, exquisite beauty — and it fills your heart to overflowing…gratitude.