Little things mean a lot…

It had been a morning of errands around town. Leaves crunching underfoot all orange and gold.

Bank, supermarket, library.

And a walk through Meisier Park where a bit of a chill breeze nipped my neck.

Camera capturing all the pretty right before Hurricane Sandy, now howling and whipping branches bare, swept them all away.

Driving home I remembered that I forgot to buy an onion which I needed for Friday’s dinner recipe.

So I stopped at the farm stand with only change left in my pocket. Four quarters and a few coins.

Onions at 99 cents per pound. Placing it on the scale, the register reads $1.21, and I am thinking I may need to get a smaller onion.

But when I count the coins in my palm…

Four quarters.

A dime.

Two nickels.

And one penny.

$1.21 exactly.

I whisper a silent, Thank you, Lord,  and smile.

On the counter is a covered plate with the last remaining cinnamon sugar apple cider donut. Sign reads: “Try one.”

Dearest Husband is particularly fond of Meadowbrook’s apple cider donuts so I ask to make sure they are samples.

“Please, help yourself,” the young clerk says.

I lift the donut from the plate in one hand and the onion in the other and head home feeling His love in the little things.

He gave me exactly the amount needed for the onion, and a sweet treat on top of it.

An onion and a donut.

Not necessities in life, certainly, but needed and wanted that day.

Give us this day our daily bread

I pray those words then sometimes doubt if He will. And my worry can overshadow the promises in His Word.

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:19

But today I remember, and I am rich. Full of His loving kindness towards me.

And the sweetness of our God brings tears to my eyes…


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6 thoughts on “Little things mean a lot…

  1. mom your a great photographer
    i love lookin at your pictures
    and if both of you take them
    you both rock

    hope all is well
    and such
    love ya

    • YES, Ben, your mom takes the photos! So thanks bunches.

      Have discovered a new passion for photography and love “telling a story” through a well crafted image.

      And just imagine the pictures to be created once Santa or my fairy godmother brings me a Nikon D 50!! 🙂

      LOVE LOVE LOVE you Ben Man. THANKS for stopping by, son.

    • THANKS, Jennifer. And yes, life is all good and bad, light and dark, sweet and bitter. And it is in those moments when things aren’t so good that perhaps we best learn to appreciate…at least it has worked that way for me in the past.