Bare toes running free…

Red Canyon, Utah

“If we are blessed enough to have come to the place where we believe what God has to say to us and find His knowledge of every nook and cranny of our being to be, not a terror but a grand and wonderful blessing, we should realize that our old worn footwear is the precious material from which we have come to grow more and more into the likeness of Christ, our Elder Brother and Lord.”
~ Michael Kimball

And in this realization that in all the dark and dirty places we have walked, all the sinful paths our worn out shoes have trod, we were and are inching our way closer to the Father’s heart. Every single step along the path has been a blessing, precisely because it draws us closer and makes us more like Him, if our hearts are open to being lead and changed.

When we step out of the Sunday shoes and into a pair of light and breezy flip flops, where our toes are exposed for all the world to see, then others whose old shoes have taken them to dark places, will perhaps understand that we are all alike. And He is no respecter of persons.

Christ died to set captives free.

And that means me and you and every single soul on the planet, both now and in times past.

The Cross leveled the playing field.

We all eat and sleep and poop. We are fallen, sinful, hurting people, looking for love – sometimes in the wrong places — and finding no rest until we snuggle into our Father’s lap and allow him to “make it all better” through His great and costly sacrifice for each of us.

And once the Son sets us free, we are free indeed.

And then we can take our worn out shoes and toss them away, like the Father tosses our sins into the depths of the vast ocean to remember them no more, for His sake. And for ours.

Grasping the truth that our past is totally forgiven, we go forward and walk in a new direction, with hearts that are ready to fly. Each step along the way becoming more and more His vessels of grace, fulfilling the purpose for which He created us.

Oh, the tales those worn out shoes would tell if they could talk…and in the telling of our stories to each other — knowing we are forgiven and new creations in Christ, we are healed.

“Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.” James 5:16

So let us run with bare feet the race marked out before us, setting aside the sin that so easily entangles us.

And the place we will finally get to is the place we were meant to be all along…


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Photo Copyright Sheila Kimball 2012
Red Canyon, Utah

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