Sit still…

In the swirl of our lives, God whispers to our frantic hearts.

Be still.

And He desires for us to sit in His lap, hush our hearts and simply be.

Be His.

Being superceding doing. Letting go of every “thing” we do to help us believe we are close to Him, and letting Him be God.

Following Him in stillness, knowing.

For many years I ran the show, super charged busy, busy, busy. And I thought it was all good since so many of the endeavors were “godly things.”

And yet I wondered why I wasn’t growing closer to Him. Why I was losing the battle against sin more times than winning. Why I was feeling so unfulfilled or sad.

My Martha-like busyness was a shield to keep my heart from being too vulnerable, even with the God who created me and loves me like crazy.

Even with Him.

The One who accepts me just as I am and loves me so much he leads me gently forward in healing and becoming all He wants me to be.

But I had a hard time receiving His love.  A free gift. No amount of “earning by doing” will make Him love me or you more.

I longed to bask in His love, letting it seep into the very marrow of my bones. The place inside where blood is made.

Life giving blood that sets me and you free.

Blood of the Lamb.

The Lamb of God who came into the world to save us, me and you, from our sins. To set us free to live in love.

For God so loved the world that He sent His one and only son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Sitting still with Him, duct taping my mouth shut so I could listen better, and doing nothing, was extremely uncomfortable at first. We exist today in a world that highly values doing over being. A world obsessed with more, more, more; faster, faster, faster.

But in the quiet place, where I come like a tired baby girl needing to be held in my Father’s arms, I really find Him, living in communion with Him that I was created to crave.

And it’s when I give Him all of me, naked and unashamed–my fears, vulnerabilities, confusion, sins, pain, and dirty diapers– that I begin to glimpse what He means by relationship with Him.

Certainly, we have been created to do good works that bring Him glory and bless others, but we cannot give what we don’t have. And unless we put on the brakes, halting our runaway life and just be still, we will miss our greatest blessing.


Time with Him.

Really knowing His love and forgiveness.

Understanding that He is closer than our heartbeat all the time.

Living in His Presence moment by moment.

Swallowed up by Him.

Real relationship.

Even as we relate to our spouses, family or friends, we need to stop and give our full attention undivided to that person or we won’t get to really know them, unable to hear their hearts.

Time together.

Fellowship with Jesus is nothing if it is not real. He urges us to come to Him real. Just come, He’ll handle all the details.

Authentically, our present selves.

And as our imperfect hearts receive His perfect love, we will start to heal. Time with Him transforming us day by day.

And the flicker of our little light will begin to burn more brightly, flame in a fallen world.

Bringing the light and love of Christ to other captives. Captives behind bars sometimes of their own making.

Discerning, like Mary at the feet of Jesus, that the keys to the kingdom are found as we rest in the bosom of Christ…


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