Are you ready to risk it all? Perhaps on a moment’s notice.

Or are you chicken?

That’s what a bunch of fishermen did many years ago. They opened their hands, let go of everything they were holding onto, and followed the One who told them things no else had ever spoken.

And what if they hadn’t risked it all? Where would we be right now? I shudder to think.

And what about me? And what about you?

Is He asking us to take a risk? A risk in faith? A risk that could mean turning our world top side down while it turned someone else’s right side up?

Would you? Would I?

Would you let go of everything to chase a call that has been a dream in your heart for as long as you can remember or would you stay the status quo and keep going through the motions?

Day after dreary day. Risking nothing. Gaining nothing. Growing old and growing weak. Sad.

Are you ready to live on the edge? Take the dare? Do the double loop-de-loop and not look back?

Trusting that you are exactly where He meant you to be.

And for the first time in a long time you are full of Him in a way not known before. And your heart is following hard and listening closely and sometimes you can’t believe you are living a dream.

And when you wake up the dream doesn’t fade with first morning light.

The risk was worth it…



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4 thoughts on “Risk…

    • And I believe, Cathy, that when we feel those pains of persecution, we CAN rejoice. Knowing that we are sharing in the suffering and that the world will hate us as it hated Him. Keep standing strong for Jesus. And keep on LOVING those who would persecute because when all is said and done, LOVE WINS. You are a word-warrior princess. God bless you.