So big…{or becoming our best selves}

Grow up already!

I’ve got to keep growing up in the Lord if I am ever to fulfill my purpose on this earth.

And that means putting down for a nap the whiny voice that cries “me first.”

It means choosing to put others ahead of myself instead of cutting to the front of the line.

It means pulling up the big girl panties and taking full responsibility for the woman I am and all the choices I make.

And it means keeping my word even though it may cost me something. Or make me uncomfortable.

Feeling uncomfortable, stretched beyond my sense of personal ease, sometimes makes me fearful. Fearful of the unknown outcome, fearful of negative repercussions conjured in a mind too highly imaginative at times.

But when I stop to consider that the negative sensations associated with moving outside the comfort zone are actually growing pains, I feel better.

Growing pains, you see, are evidence that I am growing. And they move me, and you too, closer to the person He is trying to make us, the person He has created us to be.

Our best selves.

And as we grow up into our best selves, we grow closer to Him. The One who loves us like crazy and has Jeremiah 29:11 plans for us.

Our best selves are the ones who most closely resemble Christ, and who sacrifice for others. Who deny the voice inside, the one throwing a hissy fit when it wants its own way.

Our best selves will accomplish all that Christ planned for us, before we were even a twinkle in our daddy’s eye.

Our best selves will help the most people.

Our best selves are the ones capable of  loving best.

Our best selves, well I reckon it’s where we’ll find the most joy.

And while it takes time to arrive at our best selves, we can rest knowing that our steps in that direction, even with some stumbling, please Him because we are trying.

We are trying to grow up into Him, the One in whom all the fullness of God resides.

And we are growing into being good and wanting to be good.

We are growing in ways we may not have even thought about.

All glory to God!

And our praises will grow bigger as we grow smaller, abdicate our heart throne, and seek to follow Him with utter and wild abandon.

And our gratitude will grow bigger, thank you, Jesus.

And one day, our gratitude just might be so big that it will seem like ten thousand brightly colored balloons lifting off to Him…


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