Open the next door…

And walk right in.

Don’t even hesitate one moment.  For the time has come.  It is now or never.

If you don’t walk into this next chapter in your life, you will regret it.  You will look back and realize a very great opportunity was lost — so don’t stop, don’t think too hard, and absolutely, positively, DO NOT look back ever.

All that you are taking with you are the lessons you learned along the way during some very harsh and glaring circumstances that nearly ripped your heart in two.  But you are strong and you survived to live another day.

And in this new day you will live better because now you are smarter.

In time, the scars will barely show and you may even forget how you got them exactly, but you will never forget the lessons learned because those lessons were the key to opening this next door.

Go on now, take a deep breath and keep on walking.  Hold your head up and keep your shoulders back and let there be a spring in your step.  You may think you are walking alone, but you’re not.

Love is with you.

And that love, His Love, has made you whole and filled you with an inner radiance that shines brightly from deep within your heart. The glow generates an aura that beckons others to join you on your journey.

Not just anyone will join you, though.

Not the faint of heart.  Not the ones who wear masks and pretend that they are alive.  No, not them.  They are sleepwalkers too fearful or proud to expose their inner hearts to the Light.

And that is not for you.

You were made for better than that and now is the time to realize all those dreams that have long slumbered in your heart.

The dreams planted by Him.

Those dreams you may have feared remembering since you doubted they would ever come true.  But they are coming true already.

As you open the next door and walk through you are one step closer to living the life you have longed for.

Go on.

Open the next door…


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