When you know it’s time to go…{or when God calls to your heart with a dream}

Bored silly. Bored to tears. Bored out of my mind.

Bored bored bored.

Board. Going overboard because I am so bored…

Wanting to scream. HELP ME!

And then in the distance, a church bell chimes an old hymn. I strain to listen and my heart perks up.

Feathered friend sings right outside my window.

Happy, lilting tune. Bird doing what he was created to do and that bringing joy while blessing those he encounters along the way.

Thank you, Father.

And I realize He has heard me complaining. Again.

So I try to be happy.  Right here, right now, right where I am…

Yet will I praise Him…for He is worthy of praise regardless of my circumstances. Lesson well learned through earlier trials.

Yet even in the midst of complaining, gratitude and lots of prayers.

Tough economy and nine months of unemployment in 2009-10. {which turned out to be an amazing gift from God!} Jobs scarce in the valley and hard to come by. This former single mom jumped at the chance to serve as a director.

I am thankful for His provision through this position. It has paid the mortgage and put food on the table, and I have met some of the most wonderful people.

And I was excited at first. At least, I talked myself into being excited. As excited as one can get when one is not truly excited!

My heart always held back, lingering over a long held dream. A dream that has never left me. A dream that has dozed on and off in my heart since I was a teenager.

Time in the tower {as I refer to my third floor office} has changed me professionally and personally. Grown me spiritually.  Deepened my ability to love. More importantly, it offered an opportunity to speak to others about Jesus.

While my heart may be more loving, it never fully engaged in this particular nine to five.  And for months now, has been screaming to escape…

In the isolation of my charming 1866 under-the-eaves office with gorgeous views of the majestic Hudson River {thank you Lord!}, my people-person heart has been stirred relentlessly by a dream I believe God planted.

A dream which is my calling that when followed will lead me in the direction of fulfilling my purpose on earth.

A dream that many invested in and encouraged me about over the years.

A dream I long neglected.

A dream that begs to wake up fully. To greet the dawn of a whole new life. The life He designed me for.

To write from the heart full time. {And reality is better than my dream because now there is Dearest Husband who is also a writer with the same dream!}

To point others to Him, our only hope and true Healer.

To help women by sharing the lessons I’ve learned from the pain I’ve survived.

To work from home in Godly, creative pursuits.

What about you?

Are your dreams tugging at your heart strings while snoring under the covers?  Are you going through the motions day after day?

Are you bored, frustrated, fearful or sad about life in the daily grind? Do you ever think that maybe, just maybe, He created you for something more?

Then perhaps God is whispering to your heart like He has mine: Stop hitting the snooze button!

It’s now or never.

And it doesn’t matter if you are twentysomething newlyweds just getting started or if you are mid life boomers like me and Dearest Husband.

Or even if you have messed up badly in your past. {Check} Or, in a sagging market, your house with a large mortgage from the expense of divorce is not worth as much as you had hoped. {Check} Or if your retirement stash has dwindled. {Check}

C. S. Lewis once wrote: “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

I’ve always loved to write, have a pretty good head for business and I’ve worked  several solopreneur gigs over the years from writing and public relations to designing and directing programs for children.{ditto for Dearest Husband who owned and ran a successful consulting firm}

I love the freedom of employing myself with its opportunity to be uber creative while managing my own schedule. {And, yes, being responsible for everything.}

And so, after MUCH prayer and considerable conversation with Dearest Husband throughout the 11 months of our marriage so far — including working through fear and saving a few pennies with which to live on while we launch — we begin the countdown to me leaving my full time job.

And all the earthly security that goes with it.

For something far greater…

To fulfill God’s call on our life…

To chase our dream, the one imbedded in our hearts before the foundation of the world was set…

To give our all to make life better for others…

To make Jesus smile as we walk out what we were created to do…

The thing that scares me most is standing before Jesus at the end of my days on earth and having Him say something like: What were you thinking, sweetheart? I created you to do this, yet in fear and doubt, you toiled away doing that.

I don’t want to miss the boat, do you?

I want to take all the talents He has given me and multiply them for an outstanding ROI. Jesus invested all He had to set me free and give me eternity with God. Lord, let me invest my whole heart for You and Your Kingdom.

He’s not provided an exact blueprint for this new path. Does He ever?

For isn’t that the substance of faith…and how it gets to grow…when things are hoped for?  When we cannot see the end from the beginning? When we don’t have it all figured out?

We are taking this one step at a time. Him providing Light and Grace ever flowing.

Maybe you find yourself where I am?

Caught in a job your heart’s not in. Needing to provide for yourself and/or loved ones. And you churn inside each day.

I believe there is a reason for the churn. It’s God’s way of saying He created you {us} for something better.

As kids we dream sky high, outside the box, ready to conquer the world. Then we get slapped in the face by harsh reality that sucks the life right out of us, dictating that we become worker drones, follow the herd, color inside the lines.

But God is bigger than all that.  And I don’t think He made us to stop dreaming…ever!

Doesn’t our blessed Father, the One who created us and who loves us better than anyone else, have good plans for us? Plans to give us a future and a hope?

And doesn’t Jesus tell us to stop holding so tightly to that which can never really keep us safe.

Whoever seeks to keep his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it.  Luke 17:33

Here at Longings End and Longings End Coaching, it’s all about finding our longings fulfilled in Him, the One true God, creator of heaven and earth and all things visible and invisible.

And it’s about fulfilling our longings as we pursue His calling.

And in that we’ll find the success and blessing we inherently crave.

His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful slave. You were faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your master.’

We believe the second half of our lives will be the best years of our lives. We are poised on the edge of a precipice, ready to jump into Dad’s arms as we follow Him in a much more radical way than ever before…

With notice given, I am one foot out the door.

Change looms large on our horizon and we run to greet it…


{Want to join us?  We would love to hear about how God is calling you. Or how you lost your life in order to find it. Please consider leaving a comment..}


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19 thoughts on “When you know it’s time to go…{or when God calls to your heart with a dream}

  1. YAY!! SO excited for you guys! Felt very similar stirrings when God asked me to surrender my “well-paying, hard-earned” job as a Nurse Practitioner! I LOVE what you said about God creating us for “this,” but out of fear and doubt we toiled away in “that”…how true! Much love to you and Michael!

    • Much love right back atcha! It is an amazing season with peace in my heart in the midst of everything unknown. Yet we are in His hands and He knows all. Adventure of a lifetime…He is so good. Hugs to all your boys…Blaine is in our prayers….

  2. Just took that leap of faith myself. Not sure what God has in mind yet but it was not the worker drone I had become. I am lucky as I prepared for this day but it is still very scary and I have put it in God’s hands to help me through the changes. Got married on Thursday 6/16 and retired from my job effective 7/1. So far Life is good! God is good! Looking forward to the second half of life!

    • Congratulations, Judi, and all God’s blessings on your new marriage! And good for you for taking that leap of faith. Your second half life is heading in a wonderful and exciting new direction. And He will never drop us…He’ll carry us under His wings, providing and directing our steps as we seek to follow His lead. Such happy news! Thanks so much for sharing your joy at Longings End! God bless you.

  3. Looking forward to following the writing as you follow the dream. May God reveal his magnificent hand as you set forth on your journey and we look forward to seeing you. Love and prayers.

    • And we’ll be writing it one day at a time as He unfolds the new storyline! Looking forward to seeing you too, 99. Thanks for the love and prayers. Sending love and prayers down South, too!!

  4. How exciting!!! Well done for taking the leap and following your dreams. So glad God has planted this in your heart. Your gift is already such a blessing to others – may it continue to grow and flourish, in Jesus’ name! 🙂

    • It is exciting…in that wildly unknown way. Thanks for your very kind words which so often encourage me! I think of you as my younger sis and rooting section Down Under!! So far as I know, you are our only Aussie follower!!

      • “Wildy unknown” – yes, I understand 🙂
        You encourage me so much too.
        Yes! Count me as your younger sis, cheering you on! Wow, that’s cool. Let’s see what God does hey?

  5. … sounds like the job served its purpose for that season. now … it’s onward and upward!

    I am cheering you on. Dream big! Trust Him completely! If your dreams are His will, trust me, they will happen.

  6. Good for you guys for stepping out. All of us live in fear to some degree or another… Why we as Christians do as much as the lost world is ridiculous. We have the promise of food, shelter, and clothing. Why wouldn’t we go the way that the lost would be to scared to go?

    May God bless your endeavors. Thanks for sharing and thanks to Jason and Jay for linking this up.

    • I just don’t want to keep being Much Afraid. Rather, I want to travel with Him to the heights.

      One day, while driving to work and thinking of what we are poised to do with Longings End and wondering about all the “necessities,” I turned and saw a sparrow coming out of a multi-holed bird house on someone’s lawn. I felt like God was saying…You see how I can care for those birds…and I LOVE YOU way more…Thanks, Floyd, for your kind words.