Is anything sweeter?

Sunday last, sun shining warm, we attend church without walls. Worship in an open air sanctuary quickens the beating of my heart.

Backs bent low to the task. Chorus of birds and bees singing overhead. Beaks and buzz breaking reverential quiet, row upon row.

His artistry stretches across the distant horizon, so unlike the icons I grew up with. Rounded green hills kiss bright blue sky.  Patchwork of brown and green quilts the ground below. Sky and earth and crops. Good seed planted in good soil.

All of Creation a cathedral…

And then the trees, with baby buds. Apple, pear and peach. Peaches that will be juice-dripping-down your chin good later this summer.

Angel room behind us, up a gently sloping path, filled with baby lambs bleating praise to their Maker as wooly ewe’s nuzzle.

And squeals of delight out of the mouths of babes, then grandmother’s caring admonition and direction. Shutter clicks, moment captured.

Finding myself lost in the moment as time seems to sit a spell, enjoying a good long exhale on a lovely summer-like morning.

So much love in the strawberry patch.

His love.

Our love.

Their love.

All of us together, yet distinctly separate. Each in his own berry-focused world for a while. Foreign and native tongues miss translation, yet the tone is one.





Bright red, juicy little globes of sun-filled goodness drop carefully into baskets soon to brim. Or pop quickly into mouths, big and small. I smile at Dearest Husband, this his very first venture to the farm for berries growing sweet.

And he’s a youth again, berry picking with his grandmother in the meadows behind her home. Followed by boiling it all down with sugar for jam, and melt-in-your-mouth, made from scratch shortcake.

I’ve lost count of the countless trips to local strawberry patches during the growing up years.  Picking always signaled the end of school and the start of summer fun! It was one of the highlights topping our annual summer to-do poster list.

The first time I took my sons on my own, my youngest was chubby-kneed and just two. Concerned less with filling his basket, he wore a red beard that day. Older boys wandered off together, laughing, picking, eating. Grandma ever watchful of little ones, ever helpful to her big one trying to keep it all together.

And as I watched my little boys, I wondered how all the brokenness would affect their lives.

They hadn’t picked to be part of our family now asunder. Would their lives turn out sweet?

As I worried, I prayed, like any good mama would. So many prayers answered.

But as I prayed I also listened. And listening, a stubborn heart started to open to let in Light. And that Light, blindingly full of Love, started to heal and change and grow me, uniting my heart to fear {respect} His name.


Blood red stains dripping from His hands and feet and sides. A fount to cleanse even me. Washing away my sins. Purifying my heart. Helping me grow sweeter the longer I spend time in the Son.

Helping me still to find my way everyday. And my boys, now men. And Dearest Husband and you, too.

Helping all of us because He loves and cares for all of us. So much that He gave His life away that we might live.

Is anything sweeter?

Baskets piled high we leave the patch and wander quiet through the farm.

Home again, we pick up where we left off on household chores as we prepare to sell and move.  Someplace sweet, according to His good will. Our Longings End in His hands…

Sliced strawberries mix with a touch of maple syrup.

Heavy cream whipped into sweet swirls.

Shortcakes warm from the over {gluten free, made with coconut oil and plain kefir} turn out to be the best Dearest Husband has ever had.  And I am sweetly surprised, not trying to compete with Grandma, not thinking I could.

Strawberry hearts made with love and sprinkled with sugar, sweet way to a good man’s heart. His heart and mine held in the sweetest embrace by Sweet Jesus.

And we taste and see that the Lord is good…


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9 thoughts on “Is anything sweeter?

  1. Words composed in such an enticing’ve done justice to the Creator of all good things and made me want to praise Him! Isn’t He kind to give us such delights?? I must find some strawberries! (PA season was bad due to frost)

    • Thank you for your words, Carin. They mean a lot for that is my motivation each time I write…to help people see Him, feel Him, want to know and love Him…And yes, He is very kind!! So looking forward to seeing you guys 🙂