Food fantasies…{or how to win the battle against Candida Albicans} {Plus recipes}

That’s what I’ve been doing these past five and a half weeks.

Drinking lots of green juice while dreaming of the foods I cannot eat!

Dearest Husband and I are traveling along the road to a gut clear of Candida Albicans, a nasty yeast organism that lives inside all of our bodies, wrecking havoc.

Killing the little beasties, however, requires adherence to a very stringent, highly limited diet for eight straight weeks.

No cheating allowed.

And it ain’t easy.

To cope, I started fantasizing about what forbidden food I’d eat if I wasn’t cleansing.

Like Breyer’s Vanilla Fudge Twirl {Really, is there any other kind of ice cream?}

Or anything CHOCOLATE!!!

And those Honey Crisp apples we buy for my son…well, their siren call is nearly irresistible!

At first, Dearest Husband, he doth protest.

Preferring instead to completely ignore the fact that we are bored out of our minds half the time {all the time for him!} with our menu choices. Life was easier, he says, focusing on anything other than food.

My cheerful culinary imaginings chewed away at his resolve, and it is not unlikely for me to receive a random text stating:

“Eating a Snickers bar while taking a break from painting the entryway.”


Silliness lightens the load. A Candida Cleanse is not for the faint of heart.

The first ten days we were both nauseous throughout the day. With lots of burping. And muscle aches.

When Candida dies, it emits more than 70 toxins which must be flushed out of the body as quickly as possible. So we drink lots of water and take specific toxin clearing supplements and have a nightcap of physillum husk powder in water.

And cooked vegetables, they were to vomit for! I kid you not. Just the sight of them made us both sick to our tummies!

Enter raw.

I can’t count the number of cucumbers, radishes and green beans we have consumed in the past month!! Plus double amounts of green juice whipped up fresh each day by Dearest Husband in our handy, dandy Vitamixer.

L O N G is the verboten foods list. Absolutely no sugar of any kind from any source, including fruits.

No dairy, except plain, organic yogurt or kefir.

No glutenous grains {e.g., no pasta, no pizza, no bread.}

No vinegar, except apple cider.

No peanuts or cashews or pistachios – all favorites of ours!

The list of no, no, no’s goes on, on and on!

But in the saying no to certain foods {some of which are not at all good for us like white flour/white sugar desserts} we bid farewell to the bad boy Candida Albicans, and in so doing, say yes to lots of good!

Including improved digestion, disappearance of toenail fungus, and sharpened mental clarity, plus other perks as well. Together we have lost more than 12 pounds, have tons more energy and I am sleeping oh, so much more soundly. A true blessing!

They say that anything worth having, is worth working hard for. A healthy body in midlife is one of the best gifts we Boomers can give ourselves. {For that matter really that anyone, even twentysomethings, can give themselves!} We are both looking forward to attaining 100+ with glowing, vibrant health!

God willing, we are on our way with this kick start Candida Cleanse.

And He does want us to take good care of our temples.

Along with our souls – with their sometimes pesky emotions, will and our minds. And our spirit hearts where He resides. He wants us in tip top Kingdom order – spirit, soul and body — ready to do His bidding, whatever and wherever that may be, at a moment’s notice.

And in caring well for His precious gift of life and a healthy body, we honor Him.

Once the cleanse is complete, there is a re-entry phase of reintroducing certain foods now off limits and of making adjustments for the rest of our lives.

While we may disagree about food fantasies, Dearest Husband and I strongly agree on one thing: we don’t ever want to pass this way again…

My favorite organic green juice recipe
1 cucumber
3 celery stalks
handful of parsley or cilantro
3 kale leves
1 small clove garlic
{1 Granny Smith apple, when not cleansing}
about 1 cup of purefied water

I cut all the vegetables coarsely and add them to the water in the Vitamixer.

Blend and ENJOY knowing that in about 15 minutes this elixir will be nourishing you at the cellular level!

My favorite anti-candida breakfast bowl
plain yogurt
sunflower seeds
pumpkin seeds
chia seeds
a hearty dusting of cinnamon

Stir and enjoy. The crunch of the nuts {1-2 tablespoons each depending on your appetite} is quite satisfying and the cinnamon adds zest to the plain yogurt.


Best ice cream in the world by Breyer’s

Dessert photos courtesy of

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