A million thanks, Mom…

She is my mother…

And I am her child, first born baby girl.

A mother child, too, giving her three fine grandboys a couple of decades ago.

And I want to say thanks, Mom. With gratitude that only a mother heart can know.

Thanks for all the nights you stayed up with me when I was so congested I could barely breath, frightened.

For making me toast and milky sweet tea in the pink cup, fluffing the pillows and tuning in Mayberry R.F.D. whenever I was home sick from school.

For studying spelling words which helped me win the fifth grade spelling bee at P.S. 5.

For bedtime stories of your youth whispered long into the dark.

For encouraging me to always seek the highest, work hard and be my best.  You were the wind beneath my wings for all my growing up years, helping me launch into life.

While there was Daddy darkness during childhood, you worked hard to provide a loving homelife with sweet and silly memories. And then you took on the responsibility of raising us alone…

I still remember cherry Kool-Aid, brings me right back to where it all began.  Where my story started. Where you birthed me into being, and then Theresa.

By the grace of God.

And now, reflecting on those years so long ago, I see a tiny me and Tree splashing in puddles during gentle summer showers.  Driveway blacktop steamy hot.  Wearing nothing but undies!  Giggling and holding joy in our hearts as we held each other’s hands.

You, our Tickle Monster, who would chase after us through the house and corner us on the couch and tickle us and we just couldn’t stop laughing.

Making Rexie, our smart and zany mutt, run like a wild coyote from one end of the house to the other, canine claws slipping on linoleum.  We stood by laughing, little hands clapping like crazy.  And when you tried to get him to settle, our loyal pet would snarl and give you a little growl, until you cornered him on the couch too, and held him tight.

There may have been tears along the way, but what fun we had!  You did such a wonderful job raising us.

And, when I was all grown up, with babies of my own, you stood by me when my own world came crashing down, through the subsequent years of darkness and mistakes, pain, loss and fear.

You were there listening, loving, helping, guiding.  Being my friend.

You are my beautiful mom, hand picked by God Himself. Coming from a long line of beautiful moms…your beloved mother, our dearest Ma, that I only knew till I was 10, and our darling Baba, your maternal grandmother from the Old Country, who got to see me wear a wedding gown.

All good women, hard working, with strong hearts that loved no matter what.  A beautiful legacy.

I pray, Mom, that I’ve done half as good a job raising my three sons as you did with me and my sister.  Carrying on in God’s grace and strength.

Happy, Blessed Mother’s Day.

You’re the best!

I’ll always love you with all my heart.



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4 thoughts on “A million thanks, Mom…

    • Dear “Seriphimus.”..!!! GREAT to hear your voice today, Ben. THANKS for calling, my love. KISSES to our darling Kimmi! We had a very nice Mother’s Day weekend. 🙂 Love love love you…

  1. Beautiful written article, brought back my memories of your Mom too when she came to Ct. and did all those neat things with us. She’s definitely a special lady in my book, My Big Sis as I like to call her.

    • Thanks, Lynnie. She is indeed. Michael and I had a wonderful morning with her Saturday when we took her out for breakfast. She told us some stories of when she was 5 or 6, with Ma and Poppy. So heartwarming! Love you girl!