A time of prayer…

Humble as a hush.

Words bubble up from my heart, spilling over to my pen.

I lift them to Him.

And I gift them to you.

Early in the morning, quietly…

So, my Dear Father,
I am here
to worship You,
to fall on my face,
in this quiet place.

Blessed beyond words, I am,
Yet words gush.


You are my heart’s desire,
Oh, that mine would burn with
holy fire.
Brighter than a thousand stars
flung far and wide.
And also inside,
my heart…

My heart that rests in Your hands.
You give me strength so I can stand
through dark nights.
Sunshiny days.
And all the moments between.

I love You, my Lord, my Heart,
yet long to love You better.

To give my best.
Which at times has been my worst,
yet You receive and transform the offering.
Sacrifice made acceptable.
So that all the rest
might share in the joy that is You.

Please change me this day,
each day, I pray.

Make me good.
Wanting to be good…
from my heart.

A sweet, wafting fragrance in
Your bouquet of Life…

Disclaimer:  most of my prayer times sound nothing like this! 

To Him be all glory…


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