Lessons in the moments {with Gigi}

Pure love in perpetual motion with a wagging tail and perky, pink ears.  Grand-dog Gigi.

She visited with us while #1 son and his wife traveled down south.

And how that little girl made me smile on my return home, following long days filled with tasks that don’t entirely engage my heart, shut away on my own.

Her fifteen pounds of prancing furry white worked its way into my heart and Dearest Husband’s, Alpha Dog from Day 1 and the crush of Gigi’s heart all week!

Settled into my lap or his, she would curl up with us during a movie and sometimes in bed, when unfamiliar noises startled her into fits of barking during the wee hours.  {Bringing back memories of sleep-interrupted nights during the “baby days.”}

Aside from her charming company and silly antics — such as shredding her stuffed animal “prey” or dragging around a rawhide bone nearly half her size – she proved a God-breathed lesson.

For we know He uses all things, people, even animals in our lives, the foolish to confound the wise.  Object lessons meant to lead us towards Him and being more like Him.  Lessons in truth.  Lessons for life.

And this ‘ole writer gal surely learned a thing or two during Doggie Week.

  1. Be happy – even when you are told “No!” for the next time might be “Yes!”
  2. Stay in the moment – and fully concentrate on what’s at hand, or paw.
  3. Take cat naps – puppy style, relaxing and nodding off for a few and then arising with boundless energy and enthusiasm.
  4. And the biggest lesson:  always listen to Him!

And in Gigi’s case: listening to Dearest Husband Colonel Alpha Dog, a dog lover/trainer/whisperer from way back, who works from home and was able to spend ample hours with her.  He let her know, lovingly firm, that she needed to obey. And he kept her safe, providing for all her needs and loving her.  She was a good girl, and her obedience yielded assorted affirmations:  atta girls, hugs, playing ball out back, wrestling or treats.

And her brown eyed girl’s gaze dripped with unconditional love whenever she looked at him, playing or minding her manners.  And she followed him. Closely. Like a shadow.

The Lord wants us to follow Him. Closely. Drinking in every minute of being together.  Loving Him with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength.

Gigi was a snapshot of lessons it has taken me half a lifetime to fully comprehend:

5. Father really does love me, you, all of us…
6. Obedience early on is better than sacrifice later…
7. When God says no, it’s for our best, sometimes to keep us safe and avoid destruction…He will withhold no good thing from them who walk uprightly…Psalm 84:11
8. God brings people {husbands, parents, friends, coaches and teachers} into our lives to help lead us on our way…
9. If we humble ourselves and listen to their wisdom it can save a lot of time and possibly tears…
10. We can trust and obey God…He is faithful who will provide for all we need…and more.

Sometimes it is hard for us two leggers to trust.  Especially when we’ve been hurt or disappointed time and again.  And especially when we can’t see Him, eye to eye, like Gigi could she Dearest Husband.

Just as Gigi listened to his commands during the week, God has given us His Word, the Bible.  And His Word is truth.  Abiding in His Word, sitting at His feet with His Word {like Gigi snuggling close}, listening with our hearts to His Word, can bring joy, peace, love, serenity, provision.

Yet, like a mad dog chasing its tail, we sometimes run in circles after nothing at all, howling at the moon until our fur is mangled and we haven’t a bone left for the pickin…Never getting what we most need.


His Love.  Unconditional.  Forgiving.

If you love me you will obey my commands. John 14:15

Speak, Gigi, speak.

And everybody said Amen…

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